A powerful, tell it like it is, online course teaching you strategies and tricks of the trade on how to become the most effective consultant from Andrew Pek, Master Consultant. Learn the superpowers of the unplugged consultant. All the tips, tools, and techniques that you will need to become the ultimate trusted advisor.

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Learn from The Best.

From the boiler room to the board room
  • Top advisor to many CEOs and top executives in consumer products, banking, healthcare, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals.
  • 25-year plus veteran of the professional services industry.
  • Top selling author, presenter, educator and radio/TV personality.
  • Logged over 2 million miles across the world having inspired thousands of professionals to become more confident and impactful in how they influence and advise others.

Learn The Secrets.

Learning Outcomes
  • How to define your consulting niche
  • How to identify and attract your ideal client
  • How to stand-out and differentiate your practice
  • How to win, deepen, and sustain client relationships
  • How to sharpen your 'superpower' advisory skills
  • How to stay resilient with a demanding profession
  • How to manage challenging clients and businss conditions
  • How to have more impact to become the #1 trusted advisor

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Enjoy the leisure of learning at your own pace. Track and manage your progress all from one place. Impact your consulting career by absorbing behind the scenes knowledge of the industry in a high quality and engaging experience.

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Perfect your skills.

Exclusive Unplugged Workbook

87 Pages of tools, tips, and thought provoking interactive prompts. Included with the program, you can work alongside the videos or use by itself.

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Exclusive Audio Lessons

This course includes ‘just in time’ audio podcasts that give you that extra bit of inspiration or tips to sharpen your Consulting Unplugged power skills and tradecraft in times of need.

  • Listen need bonus tips and consulting tradecraft for being on the road.
  • Listen When... you need to boost your confidence in business development/selling.
  • Listen When... you are dealing with a resistant or difficult client.
  • Listen When... you are looking for new tips or ways to spice up a client meeting.
  • Listen When... you need to work and manage engagements virtually.
  • Listen When... you need killer tips for starting your own consulting practice.

Get Unplugged.

Consulting Unplugged Course

Single User
$ 497
  • 31 Video Lessons
  • Unplugged Workbook
  • 6 Exclusive Audio "Listen When" Lessons
  • Learning Portal Access
  • Certificate Upon Completion

Consulting Unplugged Course

Group Package
  • 31 Video Lessons
  • Unplugged Workbook
  • 6 Exclusive Audio "Listen When" Lessons
  • Learning Portal Access
  • Certificate Upon Completion
  • Group Leader Management Capabilities
  • View Student Reports
  • Add students by csv, one-by-one, or by invite

Groups Edition

Want to bring this course offering to your University or Organization? Groups Edition offers extra features to bring the education to groups of any size.

  • Create a group of students
  • Manage groups with the group leader role
  • Track student progress through reports
  • Add students one-by-one, through csv file, or by sending invites with licenses
  • Students can earn certificates
  • Purchase more seats at anytime in the group management portal
  • Bulk purchase discounts available

Only purchase if you are buying multiple seats to distribute to your students, employees, or team members in the form of a managed group. This is not for purchase by individual users, extra features are for group leader management.

Want to build something custom to your group with more features? Contact us.

Consulting Unplugged Podcast


An unfiltered, real discussion and exploration to business, social, technological, and human centered topics from the perspectives of seasoned change agents, professional advisors or up and coming entrepreneurs whose passion it is to make an impact on other people’s lives. 

Get Stimulated!

Best Selling Book by Andrew Pek

An energetic exploration of five habits that can help you release your creativity and expand your innovative thinking. The method is playful, fun, enriching, and mind-expanding, but most important, it’s a step-by-step process for getting unstuck.

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